Roman Shades

Timeless, Practical, and Versatile

Timeless Aesthetic Appeal

Practical Functionality

Roman shades are both functional and practical, giving you a reliable window covering solution. Pleated slats and full fabric coverage enable you to control the amount of light that goes into your home. They help improve energy efficiency and control the level of privacy you want to maintain.

Roman shades remain a stylish choice for window coverings regardless of home trends, design era, or interior concept. Whether lowered completely or raised fully, they create a chic and streamlined look that makes them aesthetically appealing.

Versatile Design

One of the most versatile window coverings, roman shades are easy to customize. There are countless options when it comes to fabrics, colors, shapes, and styles. Their sizes can be adapted to any window size. This gives you the flexibility to match your roman shades to your home aesthetics, whether they’re classic or contemporary in style.

Modern Meets Classic

Elevate the classic roman shades into a modern window solution. These traditional shades can be transformed into motorized versions for your modern home. Advanced technology is utilized to automate its operation or integrate it into your smart home. Inquire about this nifty solution for your window shade needs at Regency Shutter and Shade.

Get Bespoke Roman Shades for Your Windows

Enhance the look of your interiors with roman shades crafted especially for your home. Regency Shutter & Shade creates gorgeous bespoke window shades that perfectly match your style and aesthetics.

functionality & luxury combined

State-of-the-Art Luxury Window Treatments

No need to sacrifice style over tech. Our shutters, shades, and blind use cutting-edge materials to create energy-saving and UV-filtering window dressings with no compromise on elegant design.

How to Choose the Right Solar Shades

Solar shades come in varying degrees of openness, usually from 1% to 14%. The smaller the openness value, the more UV rays it blocks. Choose the one that gives you the right balance of light and protection for your particular needs. In terms of color, lighter ones tend to reflect heat better while brightening up a room. But if you want a clearer view and less glare, darker shades provide a better option.

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