poly Shutters

Poly Shutters Tailored for Every Home

Premium Craftsmanship

Add a Touch of Personality

Keep your window treatments bold and classic, or embrace smart living. Our window treatments come in different types and purposes to complement every lifestyle. We ensure that our products not only enhance your home’s interior but also maximize comfort and sustainability.

Our team of architects and designers is dedicated to transforming homes with elegant window treatments. From style inquiry to manufacturing and installation, we at Regency Shutter & Shade work closely with you to deliver the service your home deserves.

Knock Down Energy Costs

Energy-efficient poly shutters save you from electricity bills. Our window treatments are processed with state-of-the-art technology to keep homes cool during the summer and warm in the winter.

Quality UV Protection

Preserve the beauty of your interior décor with industry-grade UV filtering. Regency Shutter and Shade presents a catalog of window treatments with durable and effective protection against UV damage, saving your furnishings from premature wear and tear.

Stylish Living Made Easy

The perfect balance between privacy, durability, and ventilation.

Indulge in the luxury that top-grade window treatments bring to your living space, without compromising on sustainability. Ethical production measures and innovative technology enhance the elegance of our poly shutters with remarkable energy efficiency and durability.

functionality & luxury combined

State-of-the-Art Luxury Window Treatments

No need to sacrifice style over tech. Our shutters, shades, and blind use cutting-edge materials to create energy-saving and UV-filtering window dressings with no compromise on elegant design.

Embrace the Transformation with Versatile Poly Shutters

Shutters offer the right mix of practicality and beauty to any American home. Regency Shutter & Shade features a collection of poly shutters and other window treatments for homeowners to revel in the comfort and beauty of their living spaces. Window treatments are made to order to fit the overall aesthetic.

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