Solar Shades

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Solar Shades and Where to Use Them

Optimize Energy Efficiency

Save energy by regulating the temperature in your home. Solar shades help maintain ideal temperatures by filtering UV rays and keeping solar heat out. They provide efficient insulation without requiring tedious upkeep or steep maintenance costs. You optimize energy efficiency in a cost-efficient way.

Solar shades are window coverings made from tightly woven fabric that blocks some sunlight without blocking the view. They are often treated with compounds that give them the ability to both reflect and absorb heat and light from the sun. These properties significantly reduce the amount of heat that penetrates windows and enters the room.

Solar shades can be used in any room at home, in the office, or at the workplace. They provide the best window coverage for rooms that receive direct sunlight during the day. They’re ideal as a window treatment option in kitchens, living rooms, offices, and sunrooms.

Protect Home from Harmful UV Rays

Aside from reducing glare, solar shades protect you and your home from harmful sun rays. Made from special fabrics and designed with care, solar shades have the ability to filter UVB rays. They are typically made using fine and tightly woven fabric coated with solar and thermal shielding compounds. This protects you from excessive sun exposure, both direct and indirect. It also protects your flooring, carpets, furniture, and other household surfaces from fading.

Enhance Home Aesthetics

Multiple design options make Regency Shutters solar shades versatile when it comes to design. Choose from a wide selection of fabrics with different textures, colors, and patterns. Customize the size and shape to fit individual window shapes. Select from different styles to match the overall look of your home interiors.

Sustainability Matters

At Regency Shutters, we value sustainability. Our expert designers source materials ethically and produce shades and shutters locally. They incorporate as many recyclable and biodegradable materials as possible while ensuring that finished products last for years.

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State-of-the-Art Luxury Window Treatments

No need to sacrifice style over tech. Our shutters, shades, and blind use cutting-edge materials to create energy-saving and UV-filtering window dressings with no compromise on elegant design.

How to Choose the Right Solar Shades

Solar shades come in varying degrees of openness, usually from 1% to 14%. The smaller the openness value, the more UV rays it blocks. Choose the one that gives you the right balance of light and protection for your particular needs. In terms of color, lighter ones tend to reflect heat better while brightening up a room. But if you want a clearer view and less glare, darker shades provide a better option.

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