HUNTER DOUGLAS Window Treatments

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All of our window treatments are designed and custom-assembled in the U.S. enjoy the hunter douglas design choices you won't find elsewhere.

bespoke privacy levels


Hunter Douglas shutters are created from top-quality materials and provide the ultimate shutter design for virtually any size or shape of window. Offering light control, privacy, and insulation properties that brings aesthetic excellence to complement the best of interior design.



Hard wearing

Let there be light


From blackout shades through the spectrum to sheer elegance that diffuses gentle light into a living area, Hunter Douglas shade design offers an unlimited canvas upon which we create your bespoke window dressings.



Hard wearing

Traditional and rustic


The classic versatility of blinds meets the pinnacle of fashion: Hunter Douglas window blinds can be designed to fit all window sizes and doors in the material of your choice. A wonderful window dressing solution for a variety of rooms around the house.



Hard wearing

Custom Window Treatment

Regency Shutter & Shade is South Florida’s leader in offering the ability to manufacture or supply virtually any shape or size to fit your window treatment or decorating ideas. Our shutters are designed and manufactured to your exact specifications.

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Window Solutions

HUnter douglas provides some of the finest window treatments available today

Custom Window Treatment

Offering the Perfect
Solution for Any Living Environment

SUPerior Treatment


shutters can be manufactured in virtually any shape or size to accommodate your requirements and are the perfect window treatment to deal with Florida’s extreme weather conditions.



Available in a large selection of colors and patterns, along with various degrees of opacity and hue, solar shades let you see as much or as little of the outside as you choose, and are the perfect window treatment.


All of our window treatments are designed with an eye towards allowing natural light into your home while also keeping the interior cool.

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Window treatments are a delightfully simple way to upgrade and transform a room.