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Energy-efficient window treatments translate into year-round Savings on cooling and heating costs.

Energy-Saving Window Treatments

Year-Round Ambience

Energy-saving window dressings help prevent sunlight and UV rays increasing interior temperatures in the summer. Conversely, they reduce heat loss in the cooler months. The more efficient this is, the less you spend on A/C and heating.

Cutting-edge materials marry energy-saving properties with luxury, bespoke window dressings. The result? The gorgeous design you desire and significant savings on energy bills.

UV Filtering

Invisible UV rays cause untold damage to interior décor. The right window covering can be very effective in preventing this. Such effectiveness is measured in terms of a “% UV blockage” rating. The higher the rating, the greater the UV protection. Hunter Douglas window coverings typically block 86% or more of UV radiation.

Cool Summers, Warm Winters

All Regency window treatments come with simple numeric values for product and fabric type to help you gauge their energy-efficient rating.

Protect your Décor

extend the lifespan of your precious furnishings

The ultraviolet light in sunlight can slowly but relentlessly cause damage to your furnishings. In time it fades wood floors, furniture, upholstery, draperies, carpets, and artwork. Prolonged exposure to sunlight causes natural, undyed fabrics to turn yellow, weakening their fibers and making them look old and worn prematurely.

The right choice of window dressing not only helps reduce energy bills, but it also prevents the imperceptible creep of UV damage to your beloved interior décor.

functionality & luxury combined

State-of-the-Art Luxury Window Treatments

No need to sacrifice style over tech. Our shutters, shades, and blind use cutting-edge materials to create energy-saving and UV-filtering window dressings with no compromise on elegant design.

discover the beauty of energy saving window dressings

Our talented design technicians will walk you through all the options for your luxury treatments. We explain what’s on offer and the benefits of each option during your in-depth design consultation. Our experts answer all your questions and construct a customized solution to create the gorgeous window treatments of your dreams.

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