crafted classical beauty

combine funcionality with elegant luxury

Local Production & Top-End Design

Curtains typically fall from above the window to just below the sill. Using the finest fabrics, our creative team works to your exact specifications to fulfill your ultimate requirements. Practicality meets luxurious design—just one of the reasons our customers trust us with their interior décor needs.

Our custom-design curtain window dressing service blends traditional beauty with contemporary style in limitless styles and colors.

Curtains to Suit Every Style

Curtains are a tactile, soft, and versatile way of dressing windows. Whether you require privacy, climate control, insulation, enhanced décor, or a combination of all of these, our curtain design service tailors to your exact specifications.

Why Choose Regency Curtains?

Our eye for detail, decades of window treatment experience, limitless fabric choices, local manufacturing, and sustainable sourcing are some of the reasons our customers trust us with their curtain and window dressing designs. Contact our friendly team today for a no-obligation enquiry.

Beautiful Traditional Curtains Designed and Produced by Local Craft Experts that Perfectly Complement Your Décor

Window dressings and curtain choice should be an integral element of interior design. Crafted Regency curtains transforms the look of a room and offers amazing functionality. From privacy to insulation, curtain choice elevates gorgeous décor to the pinnacle of luxury.

It's time for a transformation

Window treatments are a delightfully simple way to upgrade and transform a room.