What Color Shutters Will Look Best In Your Home?

What Color Shutters Will Look Best In Your Home?

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July 17, 2019
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What Color Shutters Will Look Best In Your Home?

Plantation Shutters

Anytime you’re furnishing a new home, the sheer amount of possibilities often causes unexpected stress before you’ve ever spent a day in the house. You want to match your pre-existing color schemes, but you also want to add touches of flair and personality, which can be difficult if you’re shooting for one theme. Neutral Window ShuttersAs shutters are the only separation between relaxation and radiation, it would be wise to select your window shutters carefully so that you can set them and forget them. The only question is, which shutters will look best in your home? By testing out different textures, window shutter designs, and color variants, you can make the right decision for both protection and comfort. But before you invest in a new set of shutters, let’s breakdown some common trends which have helped many homemakers elevate the aura of their rooms while keeping their style intact.


A soft, yet effective accent to any room would be neutral-toned plantation shutters that add color without enforcing it upon the room. For rooms positioned in locations that will be getting many hours of sunlight, neutral colors such as beige and creme, or a vibrant matte pink will fit the energized settingWhite plantation shutters. The idea of neutrality is to take attention away from the plantation shutters to allow the colorful decorations inside to shine. For shore houses near the beach, neutral has run the show for generations.


In the same department of allowing your other furnishings to be more noticeable, white tones allow for a more spacious impression. If cleaned regularly, white plantation shutters always give off a calming vibe while allowing the sun to bounce off each panel beautifully. If the theme of your room is not all white, then involving white wood shutters can work as a way to place more attention on the chairs, nightstands, and lamps inside.

Woodwooden shutters

A fitting adornment for any cabin in the woods has to be wooden shutters, which can come with customizable trims of any color. It’s been said a million times, but it’s true nonetheless, wood adds a rustic appeal to an environment instantly. So if you’re shooting for congruency across your interior design, a great move would be to match your hardwood floors with your wood shutters. The only thing is, you must make sure your hardwood tone matches your shutter tone.


Last but certainly not least, we have the dark, royal tones of purples, blues, and many more colors to add depth to your setting. Not for the faint of heart, royal colors make a statement of taste by redirecting the attention toward your window shutters instead of away. The most important aspect of royal to keep in mind is that your color selections must be compatible with your furniture pieces and rugs.

The colors which will look best in your home will depend heavily on what your goals are for your interior design. Whether you’re seeking to draw attention to your shades or you’d like to take attention away, there are options available to suit your needs. Instead of becoming overwhelmed with your shutter solution, use it as an opportunity to have a bit of fun. You may just stumble upon some new color coordination we’ve never seen before, and your guests are sure to love it.