What Are Poly Shutters?

Deciding to furnish your home with window treatments can be an exciting yet daunting time. The appearance of plantation shutters can transform the look of your house, but the hefty price tag leaves some people feeling frustrated. Poly shutters can be an affordable solution.What are “Poly” Shutters?Poly shutters are usually fabricated in China, but Regency Shutter & Shades’ poly shutters are fabricated right in our hometown of Delray Beach. Poly shutters are comprised of durable, engineered material that does not contain wood fillers or particle board. Poly is painted in an oven that gives the shutter a finish that will last a lifetime.Why Choose Poly Shutters?Let’s find out!Energy EfficientShutters can block out harmful UV Rays and sunlight. However, Poly is shown to be more efficient than traditional wood shutters. In the end, the more energy efficient, the more money you save. And who doesn’t like saving money?DurabilityPoly shutters will stand the test of time. And kids. And animals. They are nearly impossible to break, chip, or damage and are made with a special paint finish, so they will never fade or discolor. Unlike other window treatments, these shutters maintain their quality year after year. They also come with a lifetime guarantee.Cost EffectiveWhile the aesthetic of wood shutters may appeal to some homeowners, wood shutters can cost up to double (or more) of the price of poly shutters. If you want a similar look without the hefty price tag, poly shutters are a viable option.Moisture ResistantAn added benefit of poly is the fact that it’s resistant to moisture. If you are thinking of installing shutters in an area that is prone to moisture such as a bathroom or kitchen area, poly shutters are a great option!

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You want your home to be as beautiful on the inside, as well as the outside. Choosing poly shutters will give you all the benefits of other, more expensive selections, without the hefty price. They are easy to maintain – clean them with a feather duster or a bit of diluted degreaser if you find a spot! They also come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. Regency Shutters has a local facility that allows for a quicker turnaround time. If you are looking to invest in quality shutters, give us a call at 561-475-2733 or visit our website.