The Best Window Treatments For A Child's Bedroom

There’s a lot to think about when picking the right window treatment for your child’s bedroom. It’s not just a decision that can be based on style alone; you have to think about how secure the window shutters are, how practical they are, how easy they are to clean, and a host of other important factors. Of course, you want the shade or shutter to look good but not at the expense of safety and practicality.

So… Which Shades Should You Go For?

Window Blinds for childs bedroom

Cordless And Motorized

Cordless and motorized shades can provide enhanced safety for your children. Shades that have long, dangling cords can be dangerous for kids as they may get tangled in them. Motorization can also come in handy and allow you or your child (if they are old enough) to easily open or closed the shades with a push of a button.

Light Blocking

Making sure the window treatment can block out light. Children are usually on a strict sleeping or nap schedule and having the ability to easily control the lighting in the room at any time of the day will be important.

Ease Of Cleaning

You’ll want to go for a shade or shutter that is easy to clean. Kids can be messy at times, so it’s nice to know a shade is easy to clean if it gets stained or dirty in any way.

Regency Shutter & Shade

A great shade or shutter may be the last piece of the puzzle that you need to complete your child’s bedroom. Regency Shutter and Shade provide a wide range of window treatments that are suitable for your child’s bedroom.With options ranging from motorized shades to window curtains, Regency Shutter & Shade has a solution to meet your requirements, and their savvy staff can answer any questions you may have on the different shutters available to you, which will be suitable for your child’s bedroom.