The Benefits Of Motorized Blinds

As we all move forward into a more tech-oriented future, each simple household adornment will see upgrades to improve the user experience and utilities they serve. Window shades are among the first to be taken to the next level, and motorized blinds are now all the rage for the many benefits they offer. Sure, installing motorized blinds may be a substantial investment of time, money, and interior design, but the debate over whether such an investment is worth it swings in favor of installation. There are a few key reasons why making the switch to motorized blinds can make your life a whole lot easier, so let’s breakdown the hidden gems that lie in this fashionable addition.

Enhanced Mobility

It’s not that we’ve all risen to a level of class where manually lifting or sliding window blinds is beneath us, but if we can reduce the tedious moments of reaching and pulling, we can increase the mobility of movement throughout the home. That means with just a click from the bed as you wake up, you can invite sunlight into the room to get the day started right. It also means that you can close your blinds for privacy with a simple tap as your passing out at night. Such heightened levels of mobility can save time to focus on other tasks or errands at hand. For those with back or shoulder problems, or for individuals living in wheelchairs, installing motorized window treatments may be among the most important investments to make.


One of the lesser known benefits of switching over to motorized window treatments is the amount of money that can potentially be saved in the process. During the late spring and summertime, the sun has a tendency to overheat the rooms of each home, effectively raising the temperature of the room. With motorized window blinds, homeowners have the ability to preset the times the blinds will close and open, allowing pressure to be taken off of the air conditioning system inside. Such a small protective measure may seem insignificant, but the reduced need for air conditioning certainly adds up over time. Likewise, the incoming UV rays emitted from the bright sun can work to damage the belongings inside of each room if left unchecked. Whether it be hardwood floors, expensive paintings, or colored rugs, the last thing you want is any colors fading or warping. Again, this is a scenario where the availability of preset motion control for your window blinds becomes extremely useful, especially when traveling.


Last but certainly not least, the final reason to make the transition toward motorized window treatments would be the visual appeal. As each company offers its own sets of color schemes, Regency Shutter & Shades has a catalog of beautiful window treatments that can surely improve the vibrancy of any room. Not only will your guests be stunned by how cool your window setup is, but you’ll enhance the aesthetic from the outside-in as well. These are only a few of the core reasons why motorized blinds should be considered a worthy addition to any household today.