How to Brighten a Dark Room with Window Treatments

Bright rooms filled with sunlight and vitamin D can make you feel happier and more vibrant. Do you have a dark room in your house that you’re looking to brighten? You can make the most of the natural light you have by choosing certain window treatments. While heavy draperies will block natural light, window treatments like solar shades and plantation shutters will give you privacy and still let light into your home. This month, we explore the best window treatments for brightening a dark room.Solar ShadesSolar shades an effective way to let natural light into your home while also blocking harmful UV rays and heat. Solar shades are available in a wide range of colors, patterns, opacities, and hues, allowing you to control how much coverage and light you want. Darker solar shades provide a clearer view of the outdoors while lighter shades soften the view. Solar shades are the perfect window treatment for brightening your home and saving money on cooling costs without compromising your view.


Solar screen shades can also be motorized, adding the convenience of adjusting the light and your view with the simple touch of a button. Motorization allows you to control the privacy, sunlight, and heat gain in any room. In addition, motorized window treatments are an ideal option for hard-to-reach windows and those with limited mobility. To make life even easier, you can control the motorized shades using your smartphone, tablet, or home automation system.Plantation ShuttersPlantation shutters are a great option for protecting your privacy and controlling the amount of natural light in the room. When closed, poly shutters block virtually all harmful UV rays, protecting your home’s interior from fading and making them an energy-efficient option. If you want to let more natural light in the room, simply open the shutters. Even when your shutters are open, it’s difficult for people to see into your home. Plantation shutters are an energy-efficient window treatment that allows you to control the light in a room, your view, and your privacy

Custom Window Treatments in South Florida

You don’t always need larger windows to brighten a room; instead, you may need to change the type of window treatment. Regency Shutter & Shade offers a variety of custom window treatments that offer a balance of functionality, light, and privacy. Our window treatments add value and beauty to your home while also allowing you to brighten dark rooms with natural light. We encourage you to visit our South Florida showroom to explore the different window treatment options we offer. To learn more about our custom window treatments, contact Regency Shutter & Shade today at (561) 612-3183