Benefits of Solar Shades in the Summer

Solar shades are a great addition to a home in every season, but especially during the summertime. Solar shades provide heat and glare control, UV protection, and a view outside. Available in a wide array of patterns and colors, as well as varying degrees of hue and opacity, solar shades are an effective and stylish window treatment. This blog will explore why solar shades are especially useful in the summer.UV ProtectionSolar shades let natural light into your home while also blocking dangerous UV rays that fade and damage your home’s interior. Thus, solar shades decrease glare and provide visual comfort from the summer’s blazing sunlight. You can protect yourself and the interior of your home from UV rays by investing in solar shades.Heat ControlSolar shades also block the infrared rays that we feel as heat. By installing solar shades in your home, you can decrease the heat gain through windows and reduce cooling costs. It’s important to note that you can raise the shades in the winter to take advantage of solar heat gain. When you have solar shades, the interior of your home will remain comfortable even in the heat of the summer.

Solar Shades

Privacy with a View

One of the greatest aspects of solar shades is the ability to have both privacy and a view outside. Solar shades come in a variety of opacities, which means you can choose based on the type of view you want to maintain. Installing solar shades allows you to enjoy the view of the outside without worrying about excessive heat or UV rays.Ease of MotorizationSolar shades also can be motorized, allowing you to change the mood and lighting in your house with a simple press of a button. Motorized solar shades are not only the perfect option for hard-to-reach windows or for homeowners with limited mobility, but are ideal for anyone looking for convenience and ease. You can even program your motorized shades to open in the morning and close at night. Regency’s motorized shades integrate seamlessly into your other home automation systems through your phone, tablet, computer, and even the Amazon Echo.

Natural Light Management

While solar shades block UV rays and heat from your home, they still let natural light in. They increase privacy and protection, while still allowing natural light to enter.

South Florida’s Window Experts

Living in the Sunshine State is great, but it can also be difficult to keep sunlight out of your home. Florida residents invest a lot of money in keeping their homes cool, especially in the summer. With solar shades that will block both heat and glare, your air conditioning won’t have to expend so much energy keeping your house cool.If you’re interested in saving time, money, and energy, solar shades are a great option. To learn more about our solar shades or our other products and services, contact the window experts at Regency Shutter & Shade today at (561) 279-2336.