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Tip or Treat: Ways to Decorate Your Home This Halloween

Our Guide to Custom Draperies and Window Treatments
November 22, 2015
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Tip or Treat: Ways to Decorate Your Home This Halloween

Window Decorating


Get into the Halloween spirit with festive decorations that will make your home stand out this season. Decorating your home exterior is a fun way to explore your creative side, but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Starting with windows and shutters, your home can be transformed into the perfect haunted house to excite guests and add a spooky atmosphere for the month of October.

Here are some of our favorite DIY project ideas for you to try out at home:


  • Window Decorating

Save yourself a trip to the store by using construction paper and black trash bags to create a festive look for your window decor.

Combined with candles or orange lighting, these materials will cast an eerie glow from inside your home.

Cutting out paper ghosts and pumpkins not only adds flair to your windows, but can also be a fun activity for children and family members alike. Several websites offer free traceable images for DIY decorating during the holidays, as well as themes you can follow to create the perfect Halloween window décor.

Experiment with purple and green string lights around the inside of your windows and watch as your haunted house comes to life.


  • Make Your Own Garland

Making your own garland is one of the easiest ways to add flair to your home this season.

Put together a string of your favorite Halloween characters to hang on your shutters and windowsill, or, visit your local craft store for inspiration on how to create the illusion of fake cobwebs to string along your home’s shutters.

Pumpkins, ghosts, and skeleton bones make for exceptionally fun patterns that can liven up the outside of any home.


  • DIY Halloween Lanterns

Deconstructed paper cups, toilet paper rolls, and mason jars serve as an excellent addition to any home exterior.

Whether it’s from inside your home, or strung across your window shutters on Halloween night, your guests will be amazed with the everyday materials you can use to create the perfect lantern.

Battery operated string lights and candles fit perfectly into jars and plastic water jugs you can use to decorate the outside of your home.

This season, get creative with these fun ways to liven up your home for Halloween. You’ll be impressed with how much money you’ll save, and how much your guests will love your latest décor.


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The opportunities to decorate your home are endless. Happy Halloween!